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Third Place Fourth Place Host Country
1998 Iran Kuwait 2-0 Thailand China Thailand
1994 Uzbekistan China 4-2 Kuwait South Korea Hiroshima, Japan
1990 Iran North Korea 0-0 (4-3) South Korea Thailand Beijing, China
1986 South Korea Saudi Arabia 2-0 Kuwait Indonesia Seoul, South Korea
1982 Iraq Kuwait 1-0 Saudi Arabia North Korea Delhi, India
1978 North Korea
South Korea
(co-champions) 0-0 China Iraq Bangkok, Thailand
1974 Iran Israel 1-0 Malaysia North Korea Iran
1970 Burma
South Korea
(co-champions) 0-0 India Japan Thailand
1966 Burma Iran 1-0 Japan Singapore Thailand
1962 India South Korea 2-1 Malaysia South Vietnam Indonesia
1958 Taiwan South Korea 4-1 Indonesia India Tokyo, Japan
1954 Taiwan South Korea 5-2 Burma Indonesia Manila
1951 India Iran 1-0 Japan Afghanistan India

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