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Final matches were not played before 1972.




Third Place Fourth Place Host Country
2000 Japan Saudi Arabia 1-0 South Korea China Lebanon
1996 Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates 0-0 (4-2) Iran Kuwait United Arab Emirates
1992 Japan Saudi Arabia 1-0 China United Arab Emirates Japan
1988 Saudi Arabia South Korea 0-0 (4-3) Iran China Qatar
1984 Saudi Arabia China 2-1 Kuwait Iran Singapore
1980 Kuwait South Korea 3-0 Iran North Korea Kuwait
1976 Iran Kuwait 1-0 China Iraq Iran
1972 Iran South Korea 1-0 Thailand Cambodia Thailand
1968 Iran Burma n/a Israel Taiwan Iran
1964 Israel India n/a South Korea Hong kong Israel
1960 South Korea Israel n/a Taiwan South Vietnam South Korea
1956 South Korea Israel n/a Hongkong South Vietnam Hongkong

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