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European Cup

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European Player of the Year

Euro 2000 was quite a bargain, even at $145.

Netherlands, France seem destined for final.

Euro 2000 has feeling of something special.

Matthaeus is showing his age.

England is threatened with expulsion if thugs are not restrained.

Evenly-matched field highlights world's second most-anticipated event.

Champions League and UEFA Cup near end of complicated process.

European Championship

Officially the European Football Championship. No third place matches have taken place since 1980.

Year Champion Runner-up Score Third Place Fourth Place Host Country
2000 France Italy 2-1 OT Netherlands
n/a Netherlands
1996 Germany Czech Republic 2-1 England
n/a England
1992 Denmark Germany 2-0 Netherlands
n/a Sweden
1988 Netherlands USSR 2-0 Italy
West Germany
n/a West Germany
1984 France Spain 2-0 Denmark
n/a France
1980 West Germany Belgium 2-1 Czechoslovakia Italy Italy
1976 Czechoslavia West Germany 2-2 Netherlands Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
1972 West Germany USSR 3-0 Belgium Hungary Belgium
1968 Italy Yugoslavia 2-0 England USSR Italy
1964 Spain USSR 2-1 Hungary Denmark Spain
1960 USSR Yugoslavia 2-1 Czechoslovakia France France

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