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U.S. Nike Cup left much to be desired; it needs immediate resuscitation.

Americans show growing comfort in Arena system.

McBride, Hejduk, Razov score; Americans take own title 3-0 over makeshift Mexico.

Americans can capture crown with win or draw Sunday against Mexico.

Mexico downs South Africa 4-0, sets up championship match with USA.

Razovís gift goal allows Americans to tie Ireland 1-1, stay alive for title.

U.S. puts in respectable effort, gets decent result in horrendous weather.

Ireland overcomes two goal deficit to tie Mexico 2-2.

Two goals, two assists from Jones, too much for South Africa; U.S. prevails with 4-0 rout.

Jones takes to heart Arena's plea for a finisher by providing dominant effort.

Arena enjoys luxury of unprecedented depth as U.S. prepares for Cup.

Mexico to bring less than stellar team after missing roster deadlines.

ĎItís time to get serious,í Arena pronounces after first U.S. Cup practice.

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An annual men's event conducted by the United States Soccer Federation.
Year Champion Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place
2000 USA Ireland Mexico South Africa
1999 Mexico USA Guatemala Bolivia
1997 Mexico Denmark Peru USA
1996 Mexico Ireland USA Bolivia
1995 USA Colombia Mexico Nigeria
1993 Germany Brazil USA England
1992 USA Italy Ireland Portugal

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