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World Cup

Traditional powers find World Cup qualiying anything but easy.

Revisiting Olympic team choices and seamy side to World Cup selection.

FIFA president Blatter a big loser with Germany getting 2006 World Cup.

Germany will host in 2006 after winning by one vote in 4th ballot.

World Cup Champions

Year Champion Runner-up Score Third Place Fourth Place Host Country
1998 France Brazil 3-0 Croatia Holland France
1994 Brazil Italy 0-0 (3-2) Sweden Bulgaria USA
1990 West Germany Argentina 1-0 Italy England Italy
1986 Argentina West Germany 3-2 France Belgium Mexico
1982 Italy West Germany 3-1 Poland France Spain
1978 Argentina Holland 3-1 (OT) Brazil Italy Argentina
1974 West Germany Holland 2-1 Poland Brazil West Germany
1970 Brazil Italy 4-1 West Germany Uruguay Mexico
1966 England West Germany 4-2 (OT) Portugal USSR England
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia 3-1 Chile Yugoslavia Chile
1958 Brazil Sweden 5-2 France West Germany Sweden
1954 West Germany Hungary 3-2 Austria Uruguay Switzerland
1950 Uruguay Brazil 2-1 no game no game Brazil
1938 Italy Hungary 4-2 Brazil Sweden France
1934 Italy Czechloslovakia 2-1 (OT) Germany Austria Italy
1930 Uruguay Argentina 4-2 USA   Uruguay

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