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Guerrero’s second goal is in fourth overtime, gives Cal. State-Dominguez Hills title 2-1 over host Barry.

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NCAA Division II Men's Soccer

Year Champion Coach Runner-up Score Host/Site
2000 Calif. State- Dominguez Hill Joe Flanagan Barry University 2-1 (4OT) Barry University (Fla.)
1999 Southern Connecticut Tom Lang Fort Lewis (Colo.) 2-1 (2 OT) Barry University
1998 Southern Connecticut Tom Lang South Carolina Spartanburg 1-0 SC-Spartanburg
1997 Calif. State- Bakersfield Simon Tobin Lynn University (Fla.) 1-0 Boca Raton
1996 Grand Canyon (Ariz.) Peter Duah Oakland (Mich.) 3-1 Grand Canyon
1995 So. Connecticut State Ray Reid SC-Spartanburg 2-0 SC-Spartanburg
1994 Tampa (Fla.) Tom Fitzgerald Oakland 3-0
1993 Seattle Pacific Cliff McCrath So. Connecticut State 1-0 Florida Tech
1992 So. Connecticut State Ray Reid Tampa 1-0 Tampa
1991 Florida Tech Rick Stottler Sonoma State 5-1 Florida Tech
1990 So. Connecticut State Ray Reid Seattle Pacific 1-0
(4 OT)
Florida Tech
1989 New Hampshire Coll. John Rootes NC-Greensboro 3-1 NC-Greensboro
1988 Florida Tech Rick Stottler Calif. State- Northridge 3-2 Calif. State- Northridge
1987 S. Connecticut State Bob Dikranian Calif. State- Northridge 2-0 Tampa
1986 Seattle Pacific Cliff McCrath Oakland 4-1 Seattle Pacific
1985 Seattle Pacific Cliff McCrath Fla. International 3-2 Fla. International
1984 Fla. International Karl Kremser Seattle Pacific 1-0
Seattle Pacific
1983 Seattle Pacific Cliff McCrath Tampa 1-0 Tampa
1982 Fla. International Karl Kremser So. Connecticut State 2-1 Fla. International
1981 Tampa Jay Miller Calif. State- Los Angelos 1-0
So. Connecticut State
1980 Lock Haven Michael Parker Fla. International 1-0 (OT) Fla. International
1979 Alabama A&M Salah Yousif Eastern Illinois 2-0 Fla. International
1978 Seattle Pacific Cliff McCrath Alabama A&M 1-0
(3 OT)
Fla. International
1977 Alabama A&M Salah Yousif Seattle Pacific 2-1 Fla. International
1976 Loyola (Mary.) Jim Bullington New Haven (Conn.) 2-0 Seattle Pacific
1975 Baltimore (Mary.) Dick Edsell Seattle Pacific 3-1 Seattle Pacific
1974 Adelphi (N.Y.) Menahem Less Seattle Pacific 3-2 Mo.-St. Louis
1973 Mo.-St. Louis Don Dallas Calif. State- Fullerton 3-0 Springfield (Mo.)
1972 SIU-Edwardsville (Ill.) Bob Guelker Oneonta State 1-0 Miami

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