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World Cup

Golden Ball Award

Golden Shoe Award

U.S. Women
 China 1991
 Sweden 1995
 USA 1999

The draw, the ref, the call for Women's World Cup final.

World Cup highs and lows.

Akers, Scurry have been dominant forces, but they need help.

Womenís World Cup marketing puts strain on the participants.

Competitive U.S. women show Americans how sports should be played.

An open letter to Tony DiCicco.

Best, worst of Womenís World Cup.

Hammís dominance was a pleasure to watch.

Thereís more to this championship event than the United States women.

Women's World Cup

Held under the auspices of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).




Third Place Fourth Place Host Country
1999 USA China 0-0 (5-4) Brazil Norway USA
1995 Norway Germany 2-0 USA China Sweden
1991 USA Norway 2-1 Germany Sweden China

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