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August 3
U.S. - Saudi Arabia game summary & box score

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Confederations Cup

U.S. National Men at the Confederations Cup

Confederations Cup

United States vs. Saudi Arabia
Third Place match, August 3


Final - United States 2, Saudi Arabia 0

  • Three minutes injury time completed.
  • Little constructive play in the final minutes as the both sides lose steam.

80:00 - United States 2, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 80:00: U.S. goes up 2-0 on McBride goal. On rare offensive foray, Ben Olsen touches ball left to Eddie Lewis standing on sideline. His cross to far post is headed by unmarked McBride seven yards off inside of right post and into goal.
  • U.S. routinely is defending with every player but one behind the ball.
  • 75:00: Saudi Arabia - Harthi sends seven yard header over crossbar off corner kick.
  • 75:00: U.S. - Robin Fraser replaces Gregg Berhalter.
  • 73:00: U.S. is down to nine men when Gregg Berhalter twists right ankle and is carried off.

70:00 - United States 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 70:00: Saudi Arabia - Khaled Gahwji replaces Al Harbi.
  • 68:00: U.S. - Richie Willaims replaces Jovan Kirovski.
  • 64:00: U.S. is reduced to 10 men when Matt McKeon is sent off with second yellow card for tripping Bin Shehan. Replays show only minimal contact.
  • 62:00: U.S. - Eddie Lewis slide in volley rebounds. Redirects sharply off defender and just misses going into left side of net.
  • 61:00: U.S. - Cobi Jones replaces Paul Bravo.
  • 61:00: Saudi Arabia - Sulimani clearly offside, but no call. His header from 12 yards in front of left post goes one yard wide right.

60:00 - United States 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 60:00: Saudi Arabia - Al Subaie replaces Al Jahani.
  • 59:00: U.S. - Cobi Jones replaces Paul Bravo.
  • 58:00: Saudi Arabia - Has numbers advantage on top of box, but errant pass ends threat.
  • 57:00: U.S. - Ben Olsen gets rebound, one-time half volley from 12 yards facing left side of goal goes well over crossbar.
  • 56:00: U.S. - Matt McKeon receives yellow card for trip.
  • 55:00: Saudi Arabia - Al Temyat shoots from 20 yards, easily saved by Brad Friedel.
  • 51:00: Saudi Arabia - Al Temyat gets free run on goal with long pass. Defender Matt McKeon comes from behind for clean tackle of ball.

50:00 - United States 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 48:00: U.S. - Long cross deflects off defender to Ben Olsen who carried into left side of box and drills hard shot into ground toward far post. Keeper Al Deayea does well to dive to his left and grab the tricky bouncing ball.

Halftime - United States 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • Two minutes added.
  • 43:00: U.S. - Frankie Hejduk is booked for trip of opponent, his third yellow of the tournament.

40:00 - United States 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 34:00: U.S. - Marcelo Balboa passes to Gregg Berhalter who rifles shot from 19 yards right at Saudi keeper Al Deayea, who parries shot at face level to ground, catches on first hop.

30:00 - United States 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 29:00: Saudi Arabia - Comes right back after goal. Hwsawi shoots low from 19 yards, easily saved by a standing Friedel.
  • 28:00: U.S. - Long entry pass from left touch line by Gregg Berhalter. Defender Harthi whiffs on attempted clear of the bouncing ball which goes to wide-open Paul Bravo who buries it low into the near left corner from close in.
  • 23:00: Saudi Arabia - Bin Shehan clearly hits cross into net with his left arm. Referee signals goal and Saudis celebrate, but linesman sees play properly and informs referee. Bin Shehan is assessed yellow card.

20:00 - United States 0, Saudi Arabia 0

  • 18:00: U.S. - Ben Olsen carried down right side cross to Brian McBride who touches deftly to his left. Jovan Kirovski fans on point-blank shot eight yards in front of right center of net. A wasted golden opportunity.
  • 15:00: Saudi Arabia - Al Antaif gets step on defender Frankie Hejduk to receive long ball, but Hejduk gives him no angle and Saudi misses badly with shot.

10:00 - United States 0, Saudi Arabia 0

  • Very little action; U.S. sloppy in the early going, but to no detriment.
  • 9:00: U.S. - Gregg Berhalter receives yellow card for throwing opponent to ground.


United States: Brad Friedel (captain), Gregg Berhalter (Robin Fraser 75), Marcelo Balboa, C.J. Brown, Frankie Hejduk, Matt McKeon, Jovan Kirovski (Richie Willaims 68), Eddie Lewis, Ben Olsen, Brian McBride, Paul Bravo (Cobi Jones 59).

Saudi Arabia: Mohammed Al Deayea, Mohammed Al Jahani (Al Subaie 60), Mohammed Al Khilaiwi, Abdullah Zubromawi, Ibrahim Al Harbi (Khaled Gahwji 70), Ibrahim Al Shahrani, Marzouk, Al Otaibi, Hussein Sulimani, Abdullah Bun Shehan, Nawaf Al Temyat, Mohsin Harthi.

Referee: Ubaldo Aquino (Paraguay).
Assistant referees: Manuel Neira (Peru), Peter Kelly (Trinidad & Tobago).

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