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With some effort, U.S. should be booking trip to Sydney for Olympics.

Summer Games are one win away for U.S. after tying Canada 0-0.

Phillips early, Ramirez late, power Honduras to 2-0 win over Canada.

Despite hostile crowd, U.S. gains driversí seat in Olympic qualifying.

Albright nets pair, Olsen, Thorrington shine for U.S. in 3-0 handling of Honduras.

Canada, Honduras are United Statesí group opponents in Hershey.

United States will know its opponents after Saturday games.

Charles picks final 18 for qualifying tourney.

Olympic Games

U.S. National Men at the CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying

United States vs. Guatemala
Olympic Qualifying, April 28

Kickoff: 8:25 p.m. (ET)

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Final score: United States 4, Guatemala 0

  • 91:00 - Conor Casey shakes his defender on the right wing and carries into box, near the six-yard box and sends a cross into the box. Ben Olsen slows his run and allows the ball to pass him for Landon Donovan to finish, his second goal of the match.

  • 87:00 - Guatemala sub: Ariz Leiva replaces Ruiz.

  • 86:00 - Casey wins corner at the back post from Olsen and heads a shot, saved near the right post.

  • 84:00 -- U.S. sub: Eric Denton replaces Ramiro Corrales.

  • 82:00 - Guatemala's Pezzarossi gets free on right wing and carries into the box, Brown comes off his line and stuffs the ball at his feet just beyond the six-yard box.

80:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • 79:00 - Hard foul on McCarty by Guatemala's Pezzarossi gives U.S. a free kick just beyond midfield.

  • 77:00 - U.S.'s Vagenas springs Olsen on right wing, perfectly placed cross to Casey, who forces Molina to make a brilliant save to avoid a goal. U.S. maintains pressure after a corner.

  • Note: Guatemala's showing moere life on attack with five shots after only two in the first half.

  • 74:00 - Cherundolo takes down a Guatemalan striker on the counterattack. Perez shot from top of arc is high.

  • 72:00 - U.S.'s Beasley displays his speed in beating Lopez to a long ball on left wing. Lopez gets yellow card after taking down Beasley.

  • 71:00 - Guatemala's Garcia free kick from 25 yards is shot on goal and saved by Brown, giving a corner. Swisher header off corner is wide left.

70:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • 70:00 - U.S. sub: DaMarcus Beasley replaces Wolff.

  • 69:00 - U.S. sub: Conor Casey replaces Albright.

  • 66:00 - U.S.'s Cherundolo is cautioned for a hard foul 30 yards from goal on Ramirez.

  • 63:00 - Guatemala's Ramirez carded for dissent after his goal is waved off because he was offsides.

  • 62:00 - Guatemala sub: Dwight Pezzarossi enters for Quinonez.

  • 62:00 - Donovan launches shot right at keeper.Donovan steals clearance and sets up for another shot, but ball is poked to Albright who sends a shot to left post, but saved for corner.

60:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • 59:00 - O'Brien is cautioned for a late tackle on Uwaldo Perez.

  • 56:00 - On counterattack, U.S. called for foul at midfield. On free kick, Ramirez heads ball from left side of box to middle of box where Ruiz is called for a high kick on an attempted scissor kick that sailed high over the crossbar.

  • 54:00 - Guatemala's Freddy Garcia gets yellow card for foul on Cherundolo.

50:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • 46:00 - Guatemala sub: Rivera replaces Gonzalez.

Halftime - United States 3, Guatemala 0

Note: U.S. has 19-2 shots advantage.

  • 47:00 - Corrales shot from left wing is punched into the air annd away from goal by Molina. Guatemala clears after a couple sloppy attempts.

  • 46:00 - Olsen flicks onto goal and Molina catches the ball after nice service from Corrales.

40:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • 38:00 - Guatemala free kick from 25 yards, right of center is to the right post is saved by Brown. The second shot for Guatemala.

  • 37:00 - Sustained possession by the U.S., featuring a nice run in the midfield from Donovan frees Corrales on left wing. His cross into the box is headed onto goal by Albright and is saved on the line by Molina.

  • 34:00 - Albright takes pass from Corrales in center of field at 18 yard box. He comes away from a scrap for the ball and shoots to far post, but it is saved.

30:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • Note: U.S. holds 13-1 advantage in shots.

  • 28:00 - After sustained pressure from the U.S., Donovan chases down ball and sets up O'Brien, who leaves a ball for Albright who is disposessed, but U.S. maintains possession for a throw-in. Guatemala eventually clears.

  • 27:00 - Olsen on the left side of the penalty area receives ball from right flank, beats his defender and chips over goal.

  • 26:00 - His flick onto goal hits the crossbar and is cleared for a corner. No shot off corner. 26th Minute:

  • 25:00 - Olsen free kick to Donovan at six yard box. His flick onto goal hits the crossbar and is cleared for a corner. No shot off corner.

  • 23:00 - U.S. defender Califf is cautioned.

22:00 - United States 3, Guatemala 0

  • 22:00 - The ensuing free kick ends up at the feet of Wolff on the right side of the box. He sends a low cross through the box, which Albright dummies, allowing the ball to roll to an unmarked Landon Donovan who slams the ball into the net from four yards.

  • 21:00 - Landon Donovan makes a run up the midfield and is viciously tackled from behind, drawing a card for Guatemala's Gonzalez.

20:00 - United States 2, Guatemala 0

  • 19:00 - Cherundolo fouled on right wing, just outside box, setting up Olsen free kick. McCarty, running onto far (left) post is called for a foul.

  • 17:00 - Corrales from left wing cross to Albright at the six yard box, his full-volley misses wide left.

  • 15:00 - U.S. has 7 shots in first 15 minutes.

  • 11:00 - Vagenas cautioned for foul 30 yards from goal. Ruiz header flicked onto goal off Garcia's free kick. Shot to right post is saved, pushed wide of post by Brown. No opportunity off corner.

  • Note: Albright's speed is opening the game up for the U.S. The Guatemalans have possessed the ball in the U.S. half of the field briefly, while the U.S. has had several solid opportunities, converting twice.

10:00 United States 2, Guatemala 0

8:00 - United States 2, Guatemala 0

  • 8:00 - Albright shot is saved and rebounds to Wolff, alone to convert from four yards.

  • 8:00 - Albright freed deep in left side of box on pass from McCarty, his shot from 12 yards is saved well by Molina.

  • 6:00 - Guatemala's Cabrera is booked for a foul as Cherundolo streaked up the right side U.S. free kick from 25 yards. Shot wide right.

  • 4:00 - Olsen pass frees Corrales up the left wing. His cross is blocked.

    2:00 - Olsen dribbles into box before being disposessed about 8 yards from goal.

1:00 - United States 1, Guatemala 0

  • 1:00 O'Brien takes pass back from Albright's header and slams home a shot from 20 yards with 44 second elapsed.


United States: Adin Brown, Chad McCarty (captain), Dan Califf, Steve Cherundolo, John O'Brien, Pete Vagenas, Chris Albright, Ramiro Corrales, Landon Donovan, Ben Olsen, Josh Wolff.

Guatemala: Luis Molina, Pablo Melgar, Luis Swisher, Uwaldo Perez, Carlos Quinonez, Carlos Ruiz (captain), Freddy Garcia, Guillermo Ramirez, Edin Lopez, Fernando Gonzalez, Gustavo Cabrera.

Referee: Ramesh Ramdhan (Trinidad & Tobago)
Assistant referees: Peter Kelly (Trinidad & Tobago), Vladimir Fernandez (El Salvador).
Attendance: 12,299

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